Time For a New Corporate Training Program

– by Tom Ruby

It’s always great to get an endorsement from a colleague who is respected in Education, Government, and Industry as well as with our Coalition Partners. Thanks Tom, for all the support. We truly value the great relationship between our companies! – From the Whole ISR University Team

(18 May 2020)

Pretty much everyone has tired of the novelty of Zoom meetings and Zoom Happy Hours. And yet we can be assured that we will be conducting core office meetings electronically beyond the foreseeable future. Even after the Covid-19 pandemic is a memory, the effects will linger in the form of working from home and drastically reduced office space.

In the mean time, companies will have to fulfill their annual employee training requirements. This is the time to change your old training routine and go from the same soul-crushing training to something that will actually move the company in a new direction towards innovation and meeting your corporate objectives. We all know the reason companies accept crappy training is that it is easier to pay the consultants you have on contract for training, even if it is less than what you’d prefer, is that the pain of finding a new consultant and going through the procurement paperwork is worse to the person doing that work than the crappy training sessions are for the masses of employees sitting through it.

But I encourage you to use this time of change to step outside your comfort zone and find someone new, someone who has developed exactly what you need. There are a lot out there.

I recommend you look at ISR University. What strikes me as worthy of your consideration is that their offerings are applicable beyond the Intelligence and National Security community to the corporate business space. Their course offerings were initially designed to fulfill training requirements for national security operations. However, their team realized quickly how applicable certain concepts were beyond a narrow strategic lane.

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