Feedback From Space Students

Over the past half century, continuous improvements in technology and globalization of services led to the development and proliferation of advanced space systems across the commercial, civil, and military sectors. Space is no longer the domain of the most technologically advanced countries; people worldwide rely on services provided by, or dependent upon, space assets. Space capabilities underpin infrastructures and services for nearly all human activities, including commerce, agriculture, humanitarian- and disaster-relief efforts, financial transactions, social networks, and national defense. Recognizing the importance of understanding space operations, ISR University offers a series of space and critical thinking courses – inspired by courses we created and taught to the US Space Force and US Air Force – to develop the next generation of space professionals!

We just wrapped up our 7th course with the New Zealand Defence Force – covering all aspects of space, space operations, and space ISR – with more courses on the way!! Take a look at the feedback from our students – we’re making an outsized impact on an important partner in the Pacific region!

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