Why Learn ISR?

Examining and discussing complex international relations, among many countries with widely differing views, is key to understanding our world. The collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of multiple forms of applied information form a complex, yet exciting field for learners and professionals from many backgrounds.

ISR University offers you the ideal learning situation, tailored to fit your needs as a student, operator, executive or any situation in-between. We understand there are many ways to learn, to look at the challenges and issues you will face. We can help you build, refine, or completely refresh the way you perform your missions!

We provide a wide range of knowledge and education experiences to help you understand multiple domains across all elements of strategy, training and operations. We prepare you to become an agile professional, able to operate in any domain under any conditions – from permissive to highly contested.

Our team is diverse, progressive, and made up of innovators who’ve been there. Let’s connect, and talk about how we can make your goals happen.