Final Frontier Flash – China’s Myriad of On-Orbit Ops and Cooperation With Russia

Investigate an array of Chinese satellite operations, ranging from COMSATs, Ocean Sats, MILSATs and “inspectors.” Hear the latest Russian and Chinese words on military satellite cooperation, plus PRC speculation on US on-orbit jamming capability. Dive into the details in our newest FFF:

  • China Launches Chinasat-6E Communications Satellite
  • China: Yaogan-40-01 Now in Formation
  • China: TJS-10 Settles In… with TJS-3?
  • China Moves TL-1-02 & 1-03 to Graveyard Orbit
  • SJ-23 & TL-2-02 Update
  • China Launches Haiyang-3A Ocean Monitoring Satellite
  • Putin: Russia & China Should Cooperate on Military Satellites
  • China Believes Russia & US have Space Based Jammers