About ISR University

At ISR University, we utilize instructional best practices: leveraging learner-centered techniques, offering competency-based learning models, and employing modular and blended learning capabilities.

  • Active Learning – Onus for learning is shared with the student, and the student is expected to take ownership of the learning process. 
    • Instructors are facilitators, who relay utilization/relevance of concepts learned in prerequisite readings through the Socratic method, interactive classroom discussions/exercises, and cohort-based learning.
  • ISR University uses an outcome-based approach that designs its curriculum to meet desired learning objectives that are specific, measurable, and relevant. Benefits of outcome-based learning include:Focus on the application of knowledge versus gaining information.
    • Retention and Skill are primary goals, not memorization.
    • Accounts for varied student learning methodologies and experiences. 
    • Encourages collaboration and development of cohort-based learning, skills which translate back to the unit.