Air Operations

Air power is not limited by oceans, by shore-lines, by shallow water. It’s not limited by mountains or mountain passes or rivers, shallow or deep. It’s not limited even by distance.” – T . Michael Moseley, Gen (R), USAF


AIR 200 – Air Tasking Order

The Air Tasking Order (ATO) is a disciplined, repeatable process to translate commander’s intent, objectives, and guidance into an effective array of capabilities to achieve desired effects. This course enables students to understand and apply the six steps of the ATO cycle, anchored by ISR, in their host nation or within a coalition. ATO contains knowledge and practical application exercises as well as a Capstone performance evaluation. [40 Academic Hours]

PR 100 – Personnel Recovery

Personnel recovery (PR) is the sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts to prepare for and execute the recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel. Adversaries have historically exploited captured personnel for either intelligence, propaganda, or used as leverage during negotiations to cease the conflict. Military commanders plan, prepare for, and execute recovery operations by ensuring individuals are trained to contend with an isolating event, forces are capable of recovering personnel, and the staff can react quickly to the situation in accordance with standing plans and procedures to prevent loss of life, capture, and exploitation. This course uses Socratic method seminar-based instruction to facilitate understanding of Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) doctrinal methodology as well as practical scenario-based exercises and analysis of real world CSAR missions to evaluate student performance and improve practical application in preparation for PR events. [40 Academic Hours]