Integrated Air Defense (IADS)

This program is a combination of IADS Foundations, Intermediate IADS Analysis, and Advanced IADS Analysis courses in a blended learning environment. 

Integrated Air Defense Systems, at their very core, bring together sensors, lethal and non-lethal capabilities, battle management, and C4I to defend a nation’s airspace. China and Russia continue to leverage rapidly modernized military capabilities to defend their airspace using a layered approach.  Their technology and tactics, techniques, and procedures have been widely exported making the risk of escalation in any potential conflict all the more likely.   

This program is designed to improve intelligence personnel’s ability to operate, and support operations, in contested environments against a sophisticated and modern Integrated Air Defense System (IADS).  The course addresses IADS concepts with a particular focus on battle management and C2; tailorable for specific threat environments to optimize host nation capabilities against likely adversaries in various areas of operations in accordance with host nation requirements.   

In-residence programs are often taught in Austin, Texas, home of UPTNext, AFWERx, and Army Futures Command.

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In the initial online IADS Fundamentals course, students will explore sensors as well as surface-to-air and air-to-air threat capabilities and employment concepts.  Students will understand terms and concepts associated with lethal and non-lethal engagements and demonstrate the ability to provide effective threat assessments for mission planning.  IADS Foundations contains knowledge and practical application exercises as well as performance evaluations to improve tactical intelligence support.  This course is self-paced, but its completion is required prior to the start of the in residence Intermediate and Advanced IADS Analysis courses to allow for active learning and in-depth discussions on Day 1.

In the in-residence portion of the program, students will focus on battle management and how to operationalize IADS concepts against a specific IADS threat.  Integrated Air Defense Systems rely on effective battle management and C4I to harness, and bring together, the full capabilities of a nation’s air defense capabilities.  This program is designed to improve operational level understanding of how battle management and C4I contribute to nation’s ability to defend its airspace and considers C4I subsystems, associated functions, and components; tracking mechanisms; as well as battle management types, authorities, engagement zones. Intermediate and Advanced IADS compels students to think through how each component impacts a commander’s ability to control and defend their airspace and associated impacts on the IADS kill chain.  This knowledge is then applied in potential scenarios during exercises designed to improve intelligence support to operations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.