ISR | Force Development

“The current joint force of ISR personnel, sensors, platforms, and networks is so vast, diverse, and distributed that managing their effective employment represents a large and growing challenge for the Department of Defense.” – Robert Otto, Lt Gen (R), USAF



LDR 110 – Intelligence Officer Fundamentals

The Intelligence Officer Fundamentals Course provides students the opportunity to develop technical intelligence skills to support host nation, peacekeeping, contingency, and coalition mission sets. The course builds critical thinking skills and structured analytical techniques to support predictive and operationally relevant analysis. Officers gain experience in electromagnetic theory, integrated air defense systems, targeting, coalition forces, space and missiles, fundamentals of mission planning, intelligence disciplines, ISR operations, and ISR applications. The course is taught by former USAF certified instructors using a variety of experiential learning and measurement devices. Intelligence Officer Fundamentals contains periodic practical and Capstone exercises to evaluate student performance and understanding.

LDR 410 – Emerging ISR Senior Leadership

The Emerging ISR Senior Leadership Course enhances the knowledge of ISR leaders on the principles and concepts required for leading within an ISR Enterprise. Students participate in practical exercises and experiential learning designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of policy, strategy, support to operations, and developing ISR personnel. Students will have an advanced understanding of skills and techniques to maximize portfolio investment, capabilities, and synergies between leadership, people, operations, and the ISR Enterprise. The Emerging ISR Senior Leadership Course contains practical application exercises to guide student development and gauge understanding.

LDR 910 – ISR Strategic Leadership

The ISR Enterprise Leadership Course allows O-6 and above senior leaders the opportunity to synthesize and apply leadership concepts, competencies, and principles required to lead an ISR Enterprise. The course, taught by former USAF general officers, helps prepare leaders new to the intricacies of the ISR world to make the transition from informed ISR consumer to ISR leader. This course requires students to think through strategic problems faced by senior ISR leaders in a complex, dynamic, and combined environment. The course takes a case study approach to highlighting challenges and lessons learned on ISR policy, strategy, support to operations, and building a professional intelligence cadre.