Faculty Development

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch


FD 600 – Effective Facilitation for Instructors

Effective Facilitation transforms highly effective instructors into facilitators – equipped with the techniques to create a learner-centered program. Students will discuss their current teaching philosophy and how to transform it into a facilitator model using combinations of traditional and social learning approaches. Future facilitators will be immersed in the Socratic method of teaching, where learning is based on asking and answering questions – moving from rote memorization to the creation of knowledge and wisdom. [40 Academic Hours]

FD 601 – Online Facilitation for Instructors

Online facilitation is the technique of enabling learning through student online interaction and activities – it requires different strategies, tools, and techniques to create an effective learning environment. Building on facilitation techniques, this course gives teaching professionals the confidence, strategies, and practices for taking the very best of in-person classroom techniques and apply them in a virtual environment. Students will learn, and apply, various capabilities including gamification and working across a spectrum of learning types, to deliver highly relevant, engaging, and dynamic course material. [20 Academic Hours]

FD 602 – Critical Thinking for Facilitators

Critical Thinking for Facilitators builds on the FD 600 course by preparing facilitators with the skills to transform learning into a deeper level of understanding and application. Facilitators will learn how to create curriculum that enhances critical thinking; stimulates curiosity; and promote inquiry, analysis, and assessment. Facilitators will learn effective deconstruction and debriefing techniques to provide students and facilitator with the opportunity to understand the thought process that went into an answer, in order to arrive at the truth. [40 Academic Hours]