Faculty Development

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch


FD 600 – Effective Facilitation for Instructors

Effective Facilitation transforms highly effective instructors into facilitators – equipped with the techniques to create a learner-centered program. Students will discuss their current teaching philosophy and how to transform it into a facilitator model using combinations of traditional and social learning approaches. Future facilitators will be immersed in the Socratic method of teaching, where learning is based on asking and answering questions – moving from rote memorization to the creation of knowledge and wisdom. [40 Academic Hours]

FD 610 – Emerging ISR Senior Leadership

The Emerging ISR Senior Leadership Course enhances the knowledge of ISR leaders on the principles and concepts required for leading within an ISR Enterprise. Students participate in practical exercises and experiential learning designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of policy, strategy, support to operations, and developing ISR personnel. Students will have an advanced understanding of skills and techniques to maximize portfolio investment, capabilities, and synergies between leadership, people, operations, and the ISR Enterprise. The Emerging ISR Senior Leadership Course contains practical application exercises to guide student development and gauge understanding. [3 Academic Days]

(Cross Referenced) CT 600 – Critical Thinking for Instructors

Critical thinking is commonly referred to as “the art of thinking about thinking” with the ultimate goal of arriving at the truth. The true critical thinker cultivates the skills of analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving and decision making. But how do you “teach” critical thinking? How do you leverage effective learning strategies, environments, and enculturation to drive towards higher level thinking? This course is designed to teach instructors, facilitators, and evaluators how to critically think, how to incorporate critical thinking techniques into their courseware to encourage a higher level of thought in their students, how to encourage active learning in the classroom, and how to effectively instruct and encourage critical thinking in a virtual environment. Our practical application exercises allow the students the opportunity to create their own plans of instruction that incorporate these techniques and are adapted for distance learning. [80 Academic Hours]